The Perrfy Suite

20 hand-crafted tools that will help you build, grow, and maintain your website.

Seven: The Site Scan Widget

Seven is the ultimate lead magnet. Users enter their site, Seven collects their email, then sends them personalized feedback. White label it, add it to your website, save those emails, and watch your conversion rates rise.

The Site Audit

We scan your website and help you improve it: Instant feedback. Powerful insights. A website consultant in your pocket.

The Dashboard

Visualize your website's strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities through interactive and informative graphs. Start here and you'll find dozens of ways to improve.

PDF Reports

Help clients visualize their growth opportunities and why they matter. We write persuasive copy, stressing why making changes is important. You put your name and logo on it. You make the sale.

Open Graph Generator

Open Graph (OG) tags make your website preview-able on social media. They're the easiest way to boost conversions. All you have to do is paste the code we generate for you into your HTML head!

Text Stats

Make sure your writing is, well, readable! We run analytics on your text and give you actionable feedback.

Keyword Generator

Enter a search term or topic and we'll find relevant keywords sorted by traffic volume.

Significance Calculator

Too many folks A/B test without looking at the stats. Make sure you're maximizing conversions: let us do the math for you. You'll instantly know if your A/B test has a statistically significant winner.

ROI Calculator

Easily calculate return on ad spend. Keep it simple or get into the weeds, all with a smooth, intuitive workflow.

UTM Campaign Builder

Tracking advertising and affiliate campaigns from all different platforms can be confusing. This tool simplifies the process, streamlining your marketing workflow.

Password Generator

Instantly create secure, random passwords. They're generated locally (on your device), so we never see or save them.

Uptime Monitor

Get notified when your site goes down with an automated email, text, or phone call. We check every five minutes to make sure everything's in ship shape. An uptime monitor is essential for security.

URL Redirect Assistant

Need to rework some links? Save headaches by organizing and optimizing your redirect process.

Broken Links Checker

Find and fix broken links. It's that simple!

HTTP Status Check

Defunct links and unintentional redirects will hurt user experience and SEO. Make sure every URL is up and running with a lightning-fast look into your site's functionality.

HTML Title Generator

Gain more traction on search results with professional HTML titles. Our tool is precise and reliable. It measures length by pixels like Google does, not by character (like some of our competitors do).

Competitor Analysis

See how you stack up against competitors. Any keyword, any region.

URL Explorer

Looking to make a specific change sitewide? Find every instance of an issue, written phrase, or cute cat video. If it's on your site (or missing from it), we can make the search happen.

Performance Optimizer

Performance is at the core of great user experience. Visualize your site's speed and learn easy, tangible ways to improve it. Our optimizer is faster, more reliable, more comprehensive, and more beginner-friendly than any other tool.

Content Tool

Enter a keyword and we'll outline tailored, SEO-friendly content that'll help you rank high on search results. Then our real-time text editor will make sure your sentences flow. Create product pages, blog content, and so much more.
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