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No brand. No audience. No product. How do you grow? In 2012, our CTO Torben Leuschner built, a German affiliate marketing site that literally translates to Torben combined a sophisticated internal search engine with a handcrafted technical SEO approach: today, the site gets 70,000 in monthly traffic with no off-page SEO—and 90% of that traffic comes from organic search.

Building the Site 

Finding the right gift is hard, but you can buy anything online. All a middleman has to do is ask the right questions to find the right product. Torben created a design centered around intuitive UX: instead of searching for a specific product like you might on Amazon, lets you search for specific people, occasions, price, theme, or his favorite: search by category.

With a solid idea in place and a clear opportunity to rank for everything from “romantic gifts” to “25th birthday gifts for women,” Torben didn’t try to build links. Instead, he invested in his specialty: performance.

Optimizing it

Long before anybody else was focused on performance, Torben recognized its importance. The core web vitals assessment (which the site passes with flying colors) didn’t exist when launched.

Fast sites lower bounce rates, scream professionalism, and boost CTR and engagement. Google did care about all those factors, and still does. By creating such an elegant user experience, Torben didn’t need to build backlinks to outperform much more established competitors on search.

What we Learned

We don’t build websites anymore. We grow them. Boosting performance wasn’t easy in 2014: that’s why we built Perrfy’s free performance optimizer. Torben had a problem with finding gifts, so he fixed it—and shared his solution. Along the way, he developed a suite of tools to help him grow websites—now we’re sharing those solutions.

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