Idea to Community

We helped floral experts Michael and Darroch Putnam realize their vision for an online floral community. We built a powerful, intuitive website with instructional videos, flower databases, and the highlight: a floral studio where users can create their own virtual arrangements.

A Beautiful Challenge

Michael and Darroch had a large (monetizable) social media audience, but they had a problem. They didn’t just have an audience: they had a community. Shamelessly inserting a product into that community would dilute its integrity. 

Respect was central to this project. When you build a website that prioritizes conversions over genuine quality—even if your product is great—you lose a wisp of something delicate, something powerful. When you market that website, you must be equally careful. We had to bring an audience to a new platform, not push them to it.

A Website with Values

We applied our core values of technical excellence to Putnam Flower Channel, creating a sleek and powerful website to make their product (and community) stand out. 

The site converts users without selling to them. It tells you what you can do with the service, not what it includes. It puts community front and center with testimonials. It has CTAs, but they aren’t the focus: flowers are the focus.

Marketing Done Differently

We developed paid marketing strategies that allowed us to reach the right audience without going through the community. Instead of productising their audience and taking up real estate within Michael and Darroch’s viral Instagram page, we built a retargeting ad campaign focused on reaching their users outside of the community.

If they were interested, they got to learn about an amazing product from their favorite flower influencers. If  hey weren’t, it was just another ad. Most importantly, the Instagram page stayed ad-free.

We started day zero positive and continued polishing our advertising process, reaching a 5% conversion rate.

What we Learned

Great marketing isn’t about some perfectly optimized user experience—though that’s important. Great marketing is about achieving business goals without losing business integrity. We believe in a universal, but customizable approach that helps any business succeed.

This process started with our Perrfy lead magnets, grew to fruition with our Perrfy site audit, and became profitable with a powerful marketing strategy. We can provide the lead magnets and site audit to any agency or web development company, but the last bit, the strategy, is magic only you can work. 

We make the little things easy so you can focus on what really matters.

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