Building a Small Business Toolkit

This is it. This is the project we care about, the project we hope will level the SEO playing field. We used the Perrfy site audit as a lead magnet, a web development tool, and a powerful way to share our progress with clients—but we turned it into a customized learning experience for anybody who wants to improve their website. Still, we had to prove that Perrfy works.

Selling Without Competing

Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Screaming Frog, and literally dozens of other tools. SEO is a competitive marketplace. We struggled and struggled to find product-market fit until we realized we’re not an SEO company. Sure, our audit helps users take their sites to the next technical and on-page level, but that’s just a fraction of our product.

Ahrefs is for SEO, Perrfy is for websites. We help with performance, accessibility, security, marketing, content, and privacy: we help with user experience. Perrfy makes your website better.

Once we pivoted our focus from SEO to people, our audience broadened significantly. Not everybody needs SEO, but everybody with a website needs Perrfy.

Now that we’ve found our market and built our product, we’re looking for the fit.

What’s Next?

This part of the case study can’t be written yet.

Our goal is to democratize the web: we want to give everybody the resources to stand out and rank high—but standing out with impeccable UX first, then ranking higher as a result. 

We have a suite of lead magnet tools that have helped us reel in individual clients, but now we need to repurpose them to attract thousands. 

That is our challenge. That is all. 

If you’re an agency looking to attract a select few, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

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