Case Studies

Technical SEO Excellence on

0 to 70,000 Monthly Traffic

No brand. No audience. No product. How do you grow? In 2012, our CTO Torben Leuschner built, a German affiliate marketing site that literally translates to Torben combined a sophisticated internal search engine with a handcrafted technical SEO approach: today, the site gets 70,000 in monthly traffic with no off-page SEO—and 90% of that traffic comes from organic search.

Idea to Community

Creating Putnam Flower Channel

We helped floral experts Michael and Darroch Putnam realize their vision for an online floral community. We built a powerful, intuitive website with instructional videos, flower databases, and the highlight: a floral studio where users can create their own virtual arrangements.

Building a Small Business Toolkit

Perrfy for DIY SEO

This is it. This is the project we care about, the project we hope will level the SEO playing field. We used the Perrfy site audit as a lead magnet, a web development tool, and a powerful way to share our progress with clients—but we turned it into a customized learning experience for anybody who wants to improve their website. Still, we had to prove that Perrfy works.
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