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In Germany, CTO Torben Leuschner built his first website at age 14.
He spent the next 15 years as an SEO, web development, and digital marketing freelancer. He worked his way through the industry, partnering with brands like REWE and Bosch: he knows the pain points better than anyone.

Along the way, Torben worked on two projects: a powerful suite of tools to help him better find, help, and retain clients—and an outline for something bigger: a way to help small businesses equalize on an increasingly name-brand-dominated internet landscape

Creating an online manifestation of a client’s ideas and passions is wonderful work, but building websites takes time. Torben partnered with Simon Miall and Dylan Stamer, two entrepreneurs fresh out of Wall Street, to accelerate and scale the process. The three of us thought that meant optimizing each step of the process, getting more leads, and delivering bigger and better services.

We loved the process, but if we stayed as an agency, we could only help a couple websites at a time. We took a look around.

We had an exceptional suite of web development, marketing, and SEO tools. They were built for internal use, but it wouldn’t take much to repurpose them for a wider audience. So we did. We turned our site audit into a DIY SEO roadmap for any small business, providing detailed how-to-fix instructions for every issue we checked for. We set an affordable price point and created a deep support network for users.

We turned our lead magnet, uptime monitoring, and keyword tracking tools into white-labelable features to help agencies better find and support clients, focusing on the “why digital marketing matters” as much as the “how digital marketing is done.”

We built Perrfy to help anybody build a perfect website. We’re bringing Torben’s valuable passions to life, passions that have been massive stores of value for a long time.
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